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Remote Black Bear Viewing in Neets Bay via 30’ Aluminum Chambered Boat. Among the old growth rain forest, pristine rivers, striking mountains, and soaring eagles is the powerful black bear.

Saltwater Safari to remote bear viewing

Explore a nook of the Last Frontier and witness the noble black bears feasting, frolicking, or slumbering in the wild.

In mid-summer and early fall, when the salmon arrive to spawn, Neets Bay, is host to a high concentration of black bears.

Begin your Expedition Black Bear from Ketchikan Cruise Ship Dock, Berth 3.

Neets Bay is located 40 miles north of Ketchikan and approximately 90-110 minutes (one way) by boat.

Your Six-Pack Licensed Captain will guide you on a saltwater safari through the Tongass Narrows, Clover Passage, and temperate rain forest to Neets Bay, navigating the vessel on a path of scenic sanctuaries, stunning bays and inlets, past a majestic lighthouse, seeking marine and coastal wildlife viewing opportunities along the way. Quite often you will be able to observe the captivating behavior of whales breaching and tail-slapping, revere bear trails and salmon streams, and marvel at bald eagles feasting on salmon leftovers from the bears foraging.

At Neets Bay Black Bear line the shore, catching as many protein-rich salmon as they can. Watching them fish and interact with each other in a natural setting is an amazing experience. Keep an eye out, as you may also spot Sitka black-tailed deer, mink, marten and seals, which all populate the area. All on board the comfort of our Coastal Cruiser.

While Wildlife is abundant, sightings are not Guaranteed.

Your Captain/Guide is well equipped and very familiar with travel in bear country, as well as knowledgeable about local flora, fauna, and wildlife that inhabit the rain forest.

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